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2011-12-08 04:25:39 by Xarnor



2011-12-08 03:56:00 by Xarnor

This happens every time I think about getting a job. I get all excited about all the $$$$ I could make and all the stuff I could buy, but then I realize that if I had a job, I would have a significantly lesser desire for such things as I would not have nearly as much time to enjoy them.

This time, I actually DID get a job. It's OK I guess, but seriously, what's the point of making money if most of your time is spent working? This is bullshit.


2011-12-06 03:10:13 by Xarnor

wtf improperly tagged mp3 files, all this time i thought the song was called 'A Jew traced through coal' thanks alot asshole on TPB u dick u didn't even name the songs right what a loser

and now for a good Dimmu Borgir song, Dreamside Dominions, and I think I will be uploading more HQ songs to Youtube if this works out. I had a feeling the quality would be shot to shit on the upload, but it seems to be okay. I never did figure out Youtube, but actually the hi-hat is barely even muddled so I think the quality worked out quite good.

Which way to the bathroom? It's kind of urgent.

Guess who got a job?

2011-12-03 03:35:57 by Xarnor

This guy.

I haven't officially started yet, but I have been guaranteed the position. It is sort of informal, as the man I will be working for is a very good friend of my family. He owns a business, Northwest Hearth&Home, and I will be primarily helping him install stoves and fireplaces that people order, but really I will basically be doing whatever he tells me to do. $10.50 an hour, not sure yet about how many hours a week I will be working.

Seeing as how I have absolutely no bills or monthly expenses, the money will be piling up quick. I'm gonna put it all in my savings account, just so that it's there when I decide what I want to do with it. In addition to making money, I will be getting buff as hell from lifting heavy objects all the time. A win-win situation.

Goodbye free time, hello cash & muscles.

Note to self

2011-12-01 04:53:22 by Xarnor

Just stay out of it.

- The non-idiot section of your mind

Note to self


2011-11-30 03:10:12 by Xarnor

My breast implants!!!


It is done

2011-11-29 17:55:14 by Xarnor

I quoted three Newgrounds users in my casual analysis essay. welshassassin, TheSnakeSkull, and MultiCanimefan. I'll post my grade once I get it.


2011-11-24 01:45:03 by Xarnor

I have come to terms with all that is in existence. I have accepted the present as reality. I have dealt with my inner turmoil. I have downloaded MW3. I have cleared my mind and freed my reasoning. I have torn down the walls that previously surrounded my mind. I have $0.50 in cash, and $2.55 in my checking account. I have overcome my social conditioning and broken my fear of rejection. I have determined my purpose in life.


2011-11-21 03:05:55 by Xarnor

I need to make a new post here.

So I just recently looked into the life of Ted Bundy. I never actually knew more about him than the fact that he was a serial killer. I didn't know that he was from Washington (which is what state I am from and live in). I didn't know that he grew up in a Christian home with Christian parents and Christian siblings going to a Christian church every week, which is perfectly descriptive of my own home life.

As long as I don't get into violent pornos, you guys are safe.