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2011-11-21 03:05:55 by Xarnor

I need to make a new post here.

So I just recently looked into the life of Ted Bundy. I never actually knew more about him than the fact that he was a serial killer. I didn't know that he was from Washington (which is what state I am from and live in). I didn't know that he grew up in a Christian home with Christian parents and Christian siblings going to a Christian church every week, which is perfectly descriptive of my own home life.

As long as I don't get into violent pornos, you guys are safe.


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2011-11-21 04:59:38

A lot of serial killers are seemingly fairly normal, aren't they?
The only really famous serial killer than I can think of that seemed even the slightest abnormal is John Wayne Gacy, and that's only because he was a clown.

Xarnor responds:

Haha clown serial killer, that's kinda creepy. Hello little child, would you like a balloooooon? :)))