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That is the first word that comes to mind when I hear this song. Nothing is really out of place, nothing is in need of fixing or serious improvement. This is overall a very good song, easy to listen to. I especially love the length and the fact that the song doesn't change around too much; it creates an effect, sorta like you're floating through the song. Great song, and congrats on #1!

Mucky88 responds:

Thanks for the listen and the time it took to write a review like this. I love reading each one.

Good song, but

To me, this doesn't belong with the other Chaoz songs. It just doesn't have the energy that all the other Chaoz songs have! It is still a good song, but I personally wouldn't include it in the Chaoz series.

As a song in itself, it is good, although it does still sound unfinished. The inconsistencies that you refer to as mood changes are too frequent, and cause the song to not flow very well at all. The transitions are stiff, abrupt, and too numerous. It's like you've combined several different song ideas into a compilation of unfinished songs; none of them ever really become anything more than a demo.

As another addition to the Chaoz series, this is a disappointment. As a ParagonX9 song, this is mediocre. As a song compared with the average Newgrounds song, this is a good song. I hope to see another true Chaoz song from you in the future! I hope the shortcomings of this song are simply a result of you feeling pressured to release another Chaoz piece, but if you are going in a different musical direction than my own preferences would like, more power to you, I'm sure it will work out great.

Dude, this is pretty cool

I like that bass man, sounds sweet. The minimalism of the bass and snare is actually pretty cool, but not enough for almost 4 minutes of music! It gets very repetitive. It's still a really cool sound though, you should definitely work with it more and make a fuller song, maybe with a few different instruments added. Nice song dude!

DJSKY24 responds:

Thanks lol and your absolutely right haha it is extremely repetitive. I might try to work with it more. I'm just trying to get the hang of Ableton and Fruity Loops. thanks for you feedback :)

fuck this shit

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