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Guess who got a job?

2011-12-03 03:35:57 by Xarnor

This guy.

I haven't officially started yet, but I have been guaranteed the position. It is sort of informal, as the man I will be working for is a very good friend of my family. He owns a business, Northwest Hearth&Home, and I will be primarily helping him install stoves and fireplaces that people order, but really I will basically be doing whatever he tells me to do. $10.50 an hour, not sure yet about how many hours a week I will be working.

Seeing as how I have absolutely no bills or monthly expenses, the money will be piling up quick. I'm gonna put it all in my savings account, just so that it's there when I decide what I want to do with it. In addition to making money, I will be getting buff as hell from lifting heavy objects all the time. A win-win situation.

Goodbye free time, hello cash & muscles.


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2011-12-03 03:45:40

Buy me stuff.

Xarnor responds:

Of course I'll buy you anything you want with my soon-to-be-hard-earned cash, why else would I get a job?


2011-12-03 05:05:54

Really wow thanks ce/wishlist

Xarnor responds:

Oh nice, Morrowind is on there. I still have never had any interactions with Steam though, I download all my games.