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Wade, If I could have your attention for one moment..

2011-12-04 01:17:53 by Xarnor

Which way to the bathroom? It's kind of urgent.


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2011-12-04 04:38:40

Which one?


2011-12-04 04:39:14

Oh nevermind skipped over the "Wade" part.

Xarnor responds:

It's too late D: Wade hates my guts.


2011-12-04 13:48:21


i'm not wade tho...

Xarnor responds:

I don't trust anyone on Newgrounds except Wade.


2011-12-04 22:38:02

so, since im not wade if i said right would you go left?

P.S:D if the answer was yes, dont jump out the window.

Xarnor responds:

I will not act in any way on anyone's word but Wade's.